Monday, August 4, 2014

The First Post

Before I welcome you, a little disclaimer:

You know the elephant graveyard in Disney's The Lion King? If not, here's a refresher: its barren, nobody lives there except for some ill-tempered hyenas, and you really shouldn't try and visit, no matter what your uncle or anyone else says about it. I mention it because it shares some similarities with my experiences trying to keep a journal. The pages remain unfilled, the book itself grows dusty in a lonely corner on the shelf, and I make promises not to go back to the thing no matter how many people tell me if I try it again I'll like it.*

But I'm still going to start writing this blog. After all, things have changed! I'm older and wiser now. I've been training for years months to start this thing! I've regularly tweeted. Mastered the filters of Instagram. Dabbled in and renounced Snapchat all in the course of a week.

Here's the big takeaway: I learned chronicling your experiences is more fun when you can share it. And there's a lot to share, thanks to all that my little corner of New York City has to offer. Adventures are plentiful, and there's plenty to write about.

But what to name this blog? After some really terrible brainstorming sessions, I tried to think of something that captured my day-to-day life and was more whimsical than "Read All the Books" or "Oops, Forgot to Drop off Laundry Again." Finally, it occurred to me that I'm almost always accompanied by one of the many canvas tote bags I've collected over the years, and that many of the people I see meandering around my neighborhood do the same. I guess Brooklyn considers these bags acceptable substitutes for purses. They express our allegiance to Public Radio, Trader Joe's, and the local arts organizations. They are ubiquitous and unique at the same time. How cool is that? Hence, Tote Bag Diaries.

See the picture below for evidence of some spontaneous fun I had while wearing a tote bag this spring.

This is an awesome mural in Clinton Hill.
Featured tote is my WNYC membership gift, making it
either free or the most expensive piece of canvas I own.

So now, welcome! I appreciate you reading to the bottom despite that whole "elephant graveyard" thing. Should you visit again, I will try and make up for it!


*If you can think of a way to incorporate the hyenas into that metaphor, you're more creative than I am.

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