Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Call for Peaches

Last night, we had a peaches emergency. Every Saturday in Fort Greene Park, our local farmers market features delicious offerings that we stock up on regularly. Last Saturday, we ended up with a double batch of peaches (lesson learned: never split up when you both have the propensity to buy the same produce!). No matter how many peaches we ate, more stared back at us from the kitchen table. By yesterday, the peaches were so ripe it was obvious they didn't have much time left. But they were way too perfect to bake or bottle in any fashion. They needed to be eaten as is, and right now.
At the fanciest bodega-grocery in the neighborhood, I picked up a carton of Liberté yogurt in French Vanilla. Thick, creamy, and way too indulgent for breakfast, I was counting on it to be a slightly healthier substitute for whip cream. 
Then, heading out the door, I saw berries on sale--two cartons for four dollars! A dessert was born. 
Not-Your-Breakfast-Yogurt and Fruit
1. Chop up some peaches, strawberries, pears--any fruit that has a bit of juice to it.
2. Pour each serving of the fruit in a bowl WITH the juices divided, and add whatever other fruits you'd like until you have about a cup's worth.
3. Pour about half the carton of yogurt onto each bowl of fruit. 
Note: This would also be amazing with a piece of pound or coffee cake underneath it for a more substantial dessert or to serve to guests. Just don't go too crazy with the yogurt. You really want the fruit  to shine through here.

P.S. Up in step one, I originally wrote "bears" instead of "pears." I'm still debating if I should have left it.              

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